10 things Matt learned this weekend

This weekend had a lot of impact on the sports world with key college football games, the opening weekend of the NFL, U.S. Open controversy and much more. After all was said and done, I learned a few new things, so here they are:

10. There is such thing as unsportsmanlike conduct in tennis.

Defending U.S. Open champion Serena Williams was called for this after arguing with a line judge over a foot fault. Her profanity-laced tirade cost her a point -- match point that went to eventual Open champion Kim Clijsters.

9. The Detroit Lions defense is as bad as last year, maybe worse.

Ok, ok. I know that the Lions were playing possibly the highest powered offense in the NFL in the New Orleans Saints, but to give up a Saints franchise record six touchdown passes is just inexcusable.

Oh and by the way, New Orleans were playing without starting running back Pierre Thomas which I firmly believe could have made things worse for the Lions. Still, they made backup Mike Bell think he was back in Denver again.

8. There is nothing wrong with Tiger Woods.

The world's number one golfer has not won a major championship this year and that had some questioning his abilities.

Well, the reality is that he has a PGA Tour-leading eight victories this year, and shot a ridiculous 62 in the third round of the BMW Championship at Cog Hill to get to 16 under par. He could have decided to take Sunday off and still walked away as the winner.

7. No one really wants to win the A.L. Central

The Detroit Tigers have been a team that does not look like a division leader and certainly not one that looks ready for post season baseball. They finally snatched a win, but only after dropping five straight games.

The Tigers have played their last ten games at .500 but the White Sox and Twins don't seem to want to win it either. Chicago and Minnesota played their last ten at 6-4 and 4-6, respectively.

Another cause for concern is the Tigers have a run differential of only +15. The next closest division leader is the St. Louis Cardinals at +85.

I smell trouble rolling into the postseason.

6. Dwayne Wade is not ready to spend his career with the Heat.

Flash has decided not to exercise his option to sign for the 2010-2011, which means he will become an unrestricted free agent at the end of this upcoming season.

Wade, who had career highs in points, assists, steals, blocks and three-pointers last year, led a disappointing Miami team to a 43-39 record, which was still playoff worthy in the weak Eastern Conference.

Still, the days of a championship competing team with Shaq are long gone, and with the most promising free agent season of NBA history looming, he will find a better deal somewhere else with a better team.

5. Forget Favre, the Vikings are still A.P.'s team.

The Minnesota Vikings and Brett Favre saga may have been one of the biggest, most-talked about stories in NFL history. With all the excitement of Brett giving the Vikings a legitimate quarterback, some forgot about MVP-caliber running back Adrian Peterson.

A.P. calmly showed Sunday that it still is his team, ripping the Browns for 180 yards and three touchdowns. This included one of the more impressive runs of Adrian's career, breaking four tackles and highlight-reeling his way for a 64-yard touchdown dash.

Favre had 110 yards passing, one touchdown, and most importantly, no interceptions. With Peterson behind him, that is all he needs to do week-in and week-out.

4. Michigan football is back. Maybe.

After losing game after game to inferior opponents last season, the University of Michigan was the joke of college football. This year is a little different story with a win over Western Michigan and a more impressive come from behind victory over No. 18 Notre Dame.

I'm not totally sold on Michigan football just yet, but I will say freshman quarterback Tate Forcier was awfully impressive.

3. Throwback jerseys for NFL teams are cool; throwback jerseys for referees are not.

While I write this, the Buffalo Bills are currently playing the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football.

Both are sporting their retro jerseys, but apparantly that wasn't enough for the NFL. Now the referees are sporting orange-ish, candy cane-looking uniforms.

It wasn't a good idea, NFL. It just wasn't.

2. The Cowboys will actually be better without Terrell Owens.

Terrell Owens is a number one receiver on most NFL teams, as he was last year with the Dallas Cowboys. However, without his "me first" attitude, Tony Romo is free to spread around the ball to Roy Williams, Patrick Crayton, and Mile Austin.

As a result, Romo threw for a career record 353 yards including one touchdown to each of those receivers, the shortest of which was 42 yards. Tony did all of this while only giving his favorite target, tight end Jason Witten, only five catches for 71 yards. The Cowboys are again dangerous.

1. Try as I might, I do not know everything.

I enjoy writing this blog and try to give honest opinions and sports advice. I'll be the first to tell you that I am not right about everything, and don't pretend to be. Here's a few things that I've been wrong about so far:

  • I got a lot of the start'em, sit'ems right for fantasy football, but I take responsibility for Matt Schaub and Owen Daniels. My bad fantasy owners. My bad.
  • The Cardinals proved to me that they do not have this division locked up and it's not even close.
  • Carolina Panthers worry me about my pick for them to win the NFC South. Four interceptions Jake Delhomme? Really?
  • If the Lions play defense like this all season, then they will not win a game.
  • The Steelers will actually win the division, not the Ravens. The Ravens showed some offensive prowess, but if there going to give up 24 points to a Chiefs team without Matt Cassel, no way they are upending the champs.


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