Show Highlights from Oct. 29

Once again, THANK YOU

Matt and I can't say thanks enough to everyone who listened tonight. We hit 79 unique viewers, one shy of my quite lofty goal of 80.

Let's hit 200 next week! Haha.

Show highlights will be posted by the end of the weekend hopefully.

Oct. 29 Show Preview

Are you ready for some radio?!

Just imagine Hank Williams Jr. doing his best Monday Night Football introduction.

Anyway, The Sunny and C Show will be live again tonight at 10 p.m. We will again create a post with the video feed embedded so you can watch us as Matt and I mill around like hamsters in the studio.

We've also been officially "approved" to be on the air by the WCKS staff. So no more breaking rules for us.

Tonight's show topics:
  • GVSU Football
  • NBA season underway
  • NFL Picks
  • The Final Word (my personal favorite, we have some good topics for tonight)
  • World Series
  • High School Football Playoffs
Let's hit 60 listeners tonight. The audio will be fixed, I promise.

Week Eight NFL Picks

Lucky week seven was only average for us. Both Matt and I finished with matching 9-4 records.

ESPN was about the same.

As we tied, there will be no forced clothing for either of us this week. Thank goodness, I might have had to injure myself if I had a Dwayne Wade jersey on.

Here's our week eight picks:

BroncosBroncos at Ravens
TexansTexans at Bills
BearsBrowns at Bears
CowboysSeahawks at Cowboys
DolphinsDolphins at Jets
Colts49ers at Colts
GiantsGiants at Eagles
LionsRams at Lions
ChargersRaiders at Chargers
JaguarsJaguars at Titans
VikingsVikings at Packers
CardinalsPanthers at Cardinals
SaintsFalcons at Saints
Last Week
Overall Record70-33

Show Highlights from Oct. 22

Again, the audio is terrible. I'm sorry. We're still working out all the kinks.

October 22 Recap

Thanks to all the people who stuck with our show throughout all the technical difficulties we had Thursday.

Without going into too much detail, it was an issue of my (Cody) stupidity. Lots of things that I thought worked didn't, and after an hour of reflection I understand why.

We're still getting our "show legs," but we'll be back better than ever next week without technical problems (I hope!).

The microphones didn't play well with my netbook, so the audio of the show was poor. I apologize for that.

October 22 Show Preview

Hello everyone!

We want to thank you all for you constructive criticism of last week's show. Matt and I have planned a few changes to make the show better this time around.

The show will be broadcast live tonight (starting at 10 p.m. EST) on our stream and, hopefully, on the WCKS stream as well. The only difference is that the USTREAM page will have a video feed attached to it.

There will be a post on the blog with the feed embedded so you can watch the show right here.

I will have my computer in front of me this week, so feel free to contact us at anytime. While we're live, you can reach us at Also, you can call the station line at 616-331-2875 (I will mention this several times).

We will be introducing a segment tonight that I have dubbed "The Final Word." Basically, we're going to introduce a topic, talk about it, and then answer a final "big question."

Topics covered on tonights show:
  • GVSU Football
  • NFL Picks
  • Instant Reply in Baseball
  • Mark Cuban on Steroids
  • The Final Word
Expect each segment to run about 10 minutes with a song in between. So, if you can only catch the NFL picks, tune in at around 10:15 or so. These are only guidelines, so I could be completely wrong.

We're looking forward to another good show tonight. See you then!

Week Seven NFL Picks

Props go to Matt this week.

His 11-3 record demolished my 8-6 showing and dismantled every single ESPN prediction. Hey, at least my record fell in line once again.

I'm considering it a birthday present to Matt, as he turned 21 on Tuesday. No more going easy on him.

Now, onto week seven (already!):

PackersPackers at Browns
Texans49ers at Texans
ChargersChargers at Chiefs
ColtsColts at Rams
PatriotsPatriots at Buccaneers
VikingsVikings at Steelers
PanthersBills at Panthers
JetsJets at Raiders
BearsBears at Bengals
CowboysFalcons at Cowboys
SaintsSaints at Dolphins
GiantsCardinals at Giants
EaglesEagles at Redskins
Last Week
Overall Record61-29

Show Highlights from Oct. 15

The audio is off for most of the video because of terrible editing software. Sorry about that.


Thank you to everyone who made our show a HUGE success tonight. We had upwards of 20 viewers at peak times, which I think is among the best for a WCKS show.

Both Matt and I had a ton of fun and are looking forward to next week.

I'm currently in the process of editing down the video feed, and I will post a highlight reel by the end of the weekend.

The Sunny and C Show Going Live at 10!

Ok, so the stream is down, but Matt and I will be webcasting our first show from the booth anyways at 10 p.m.

You can watch it on our page, or I will be embedding the feed directly into a post on here. Either way, come watch, please!

Watch The Sunny and C Show Webcast

Hello everyone!

Well, the stream (which was supposedly up) is down, again, again. I'm still preparing for tonight's show, and Matt and I will probably make the trek over to the station tonight only to have our hopes dashed, again, again.

That said, if we do get on in the near future, we've decided to webcast our show live on, a very cool free online-streaming Web site. We're going to leave the audio on as well, but I'm unsure how the sound quality will be. It's not like the video feed is going to be great anyway.

Still, it's a cool feature, which I'll probably reference one too many times throughout our show.

If you want to watch it, here is a link:

Some of you guys got a sneak preview of Matt and I playing Tiger Woods 2010 last weekend. Look for more random stuff like that as the year progresses.

Here's hoping the station is fixed by tonight!

Week Six NFL Picks

Through the 1 p.m. games Sunday, both Matt and I were doing well. Unfortunately, the second half of the schedule was not so good.

All things considered, Matt's 8-6 record and my 10-4 record weren't all that bad. ESPN was about the same.

For those that are wondering, no, I do not hate ESPN. I just post their picks to make a point that just about anybody can be an analyst if you watch enough sports.

Week six should be interesting. Lots of games that should be close.

BengalsTexans at Bengals
PackersLions at Packers
JaguarsRams at Jaguars
VikingsRavens at Vikings
SaintsGiants at Saints
SteelersBrowns at Steelers
PanthersPanthers at Buccaneers
ChiefsChiefs at Redskins
EaglesEagles at Raiders
CardinalsCardinals at Seahawks
PatriotsTitans at Patriots
JetsBills at Jets
FalconsBears at Falcons
BroncosBroncos at Chargers
8-6Last Week
47-29Overall Record53-23

Our Apologies

Naturally, we couldn't get off the ground without some problems.

Apparently sometime between mid-afternoon and 8:30 p.m. Thursday the stream for The Whale went down. The technical advisers say a cable went bad, and the replacement will not be installed until next week (at the earliest).

I don't really believe in audio cables going bad, but I have to go with what information we were given.

Let me say how disappointed Matt and I are. We both spent several hours preparing for Thursday's show, and now all of our work is wasted.

Hopefully the faulty cable can be replaced by next Thursday. Then our show might actually get administrative approval (we were going to do the show without approval tonight) and you'll finally get to hear the first-ever edition of The Sunny and C Show.

Take care and enjoy your weekends everyone!

Week Five NFL Picks

Week four was another good week for us. Cody took top honors with an 11-3 record while Matt came in at 10-4.

At ESPN, only Chris Mortensen posted a better record than Cody.

Winning was a recurrent theme for Cody this weekend. Not only did he beat Matt in picks, he also beat him in a head-to-head fantasy matchup, and a round of Tiger Woods 2010. Matt is going to have to step up his game if he doesn't want to get run out of the building by his co-host.

Look for us to preview a couple of these games on air tonight.

RavensBengals at Ravens
BillsBrowns at Bills
PanthersRedskins at Panthers
SteelersSteelers at Lions
CowboysCowboys at Chiefs
GiantsRaiders at Giants
EaglesBuccaneers at Eagles
VikingsVikings at Rams
49ersFalcons at 49ers
CardinalsTexans at Cardinals
PatriotsPatriots at Broncos
JaguarsJaguars at Seahawks
ColtsColts at Titans
JetsJets at Dolphins
10-4Last Week
39-23Overall Record43-19

Going live Thursday!

Hey everyone!

So I just finished shadowing a DJ this afternoon and our show should be going live tomorrow night barring any problems.

Although I haven't sat down with Matt to discuss tomorrow's show yet, I'm sure we will be talking some Tigers and doing our weekly NFL picks.

Please feel free to call in during the show at 616-331-2875. I only ask that you keep it clean -- no language whatsoever is allowed per FCC regulations.

As for listening, head over to to listen to the live stream. I recommend using VLC Player, which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, to listen to the stream. I have been having no problems listening that way.

They don't have a good method to record the show, but I'm trying to work out a way to do so and post it up here.