Show Update

Hello everyone!

So the last few weeks have been pretty hectic around here. Between classes and work, I haven't had a whole lot of time to write anything to put on here other than NFL Picks. Matt is in much of the same situation.

However, I do have some good news regarding our show. I have been going back and forth through e-mail with the program director at The Whale and as soon as I shadow another DJ, Matt and I should be all set to go live.

Our timeslot is scheduled for Thursday nights at 10-11ish p.m. You can stream the show live on The Whale's Web site, or if you're in Allendale near campus you can listen to it on 1610 AM.

My goal is to post a recording of each show up on here for those that may miss it live.

We'll give you some more updates soon. I'm hoping that we will be on the air by next week, although I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


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