Cody's Fantasy Draft of the Year

I had to post this just because I'm still in awe.

My best friend asked if I would help draft her fantasy team. As it turns out she is playing in a six-team league, and as the draft progressed, it become apparent the people she is playing with know almost nothing about fantasy football.

Here's a round-by-round breakdown of her draft that I helped her with (pick numbers are in parenthesis):

1. (1) Adrian Peterson
2. (12) Peyton Manning
3. (13) Steve Slaton
4. (24) Steve Smith
5. (25) Anquan Boldin
6. (36) Pittsburgh
7. (37) Brian Westbrook
8. (48) Greg Olsen
9. (49) Matt Schaub
10. (60) Rob Bironas
11. (61) Steven Jackson
12. (72) New England
13. (73) Kevin Walter
14. (84) Chris Cooley
15. (85) Nate Burleson

Yes, Steven Jackson fell to the 11th round and Brian Westbrook fell to the seventh (!).

We had to draft defense and kickers early because for whatever reason her league-mates started drafted those in about the fourth round.

I'm envious of this team. If she doesn't win her league, then I don't know what will.


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