Sizing It Up: Down with Charlie Weis

A Notre Dame-heavy edition of Sizing it Up:

You're not the Detroit Lions, but you lost to them - God Hates Cleveland Sports
The Cleveland Browns-Detroit Lions match up yielded one of the best finishes in the NFL this season. A Browns fan breaks down the shocking end to a meltdown by Cleveland.

Adrian Beltre: Mike Lowell 2.0? - One If By Land
As the Boston Red Sox move closer to acquiring Adrian Beltre, this blogger wonders how Beltre compares to current Sox third baseman Mike Lowell.

Urban Meyer to Notre Dame: History not on Florida's side
- ChuckWeis
A nice collection of quotes from Florida Gators coach Urban Meyer. Hard to take anything he says seriously after reading these.

Jimmy Clausen's face beats up fan's hand - Dueling Couches
The rantings of a Notre Dame football fan.


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