Sizing It Up: "Handing" out the links

Saturday's edition of Sizing It Up:

'Shop early, shop often' during MLB free agency season - Mets Merized
I seem to find a lot of good stuff on New York Mets fan blogs, and this post is no exception. A funny and insightful take on the free agency season in baseball.

Thierry Henry is a liar, cheater, and any other bad word - Footy Blog
One of many blogs about Henry's hand ball during France's World Cup qualifying match against Ireland. Read the comments. No matter how small of the blog, I couldn't find a single Henry story that didn't have comments. Goes to show how much soccer means to some in the world.

Detroit Lions versus Cleveland Browns: A statistical analysis - The Lions in Winter
Great statistical breakdown of the match up between two of the NFL's worst teams. All I can say is it takes a dedicated fan to do so much work for the Lions.

LeBron James soaking up too much of the spotlight? - LeBron James Blog
For a blog dedicated to King James, I'm surprised how much this post bashes him. Regardless, the author makes several good points concerning James' attitudes.

Brandon Jennings, the NBA, and Europe
- BMac's Blog
Will the success of Brandon Jennings lead more high school players to head overseas? Did the NBA 'punish' Jennings for doing so? A very nice read.


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