Matt's NFL Playoff Picture

Week 14 of the NFL season has reached us, and there is plenty left to speculate about playoff spots. Here's how I see it unfolding:

NFC Division Winners (presented in order of seeding):
New Orleans Saints
Minnesota Vikings
Philadelphia Eagles
Arizona Cardinals

NFC Wildcards:
Green Bay Packers
Dallas Cowboys

AFC Division Winners (presented in order of seeding):
Indianapolis Colts
Cincinnati Bengals
San Diego Chargers
New England Patriots

AFC Wildcards:
Denver Broncos
Baltimore Ravens

Wildcard Round:
Packers over Cardinals
Eagles over Cowboys
Chargers over Ravens
Patriots over Broncos

Divisional Round:
Saints over Packers
Vikings over Eagles
Colts over Patriots
Bengals over Chargers

Championship Round:
Vikings over Saints
Colts over Bengals

Super Bowl:
Vikings over Colts

Ok, I know my picks are biased based on my love for the Vikings. The predictions look particularly bad because Minnesota is coming off a bad loss against Arizona. But, Antoine Winfield's coming back to secure the secondary, and the Viking's dominating offensive line will be at full strength.

Just you watch, The Brett Favre fairy tale will have a happy ending after all.


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