Sizing It Up: Breakin' glass with a nine iron

Wednesday's edition of Sizing It Up:

Edwin Jackson would sweeten deal for Chicago Cubs - Bleacher Nation
As a Detroit Tigers fan, I have been following this closely. I still find it hard to believe the Tigers would want to shop Curtis Granderson and Jackson, but business is business, I guess.

Tiger Woods car crash: A public relations nightmare
- Blessay from America
Great points on how Tiger should have handled the whole car crash nightmare. The author is right: Just show up in person and everyone will quickly forget about the whole mess.

Ex-track star Marion Jones might play in WNBA - Pleasant Dreams To quote: "What the hell is the NBA thinking?"

Charlie Weis FINALLY out at Notre Dame - Too Old for Maxim, Too Young for Esquire
Biting commentary on Monday's firing of Weis. Finally, some one else who doesn't understand why anyone would want to come to coach Notre Dame.


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