October 22 Show Preview

Hello everyone!

We want to thank you all for you constructive criticism of last week's show. Matt and I have planned a few changes to make the show better this time around.

The show will be broadcast live tonight (starting at 10 p.m. EST) on our USTREAM.tv stream and, hopefully, on the WCKS stream as well. The only difference is that the USTREAM page will have a video feed attached to it.

There will be a post on the blog with the feed embedded so you can watch the show right here.

I will have my computer in front of me this week, so feel free to contact us at anytime. While we're live, you can reach us at studio@thesunnyandcshow.com. Also, you can call the station line at 616-331-2875 (I will mention this several times).

We will be introducing a segment tonight that I have dubbed "The Final Word." Basically, we're going to introduce a topic, talk about it, and then answer a final "big question."

Topics covered on tonights show:
  • GVSU Football
  • NFL Picks
  • Instant Reply in Baseball
  • Mark Cuban on Steroids
  • The Final Word
Expect each segment to run about 10 minutes with a song in between. So, if you can only catch the NFL picks, tune in at around 10:15 or so. These are only guidelines, so I could be completely wrong.

We're looking forward to another good show tonight. See you then!


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