Watch The Sunny and C Show Webcast

Hello everyone!

Well, the stream (which was supposedly up) is down, again, again. I'm still preparing for tonight's show, and Matt and I will probably make the trek over to the station tonight only to have our hopes dashed, again, again.

That said, if we do get on in the near future, we've decided to webcast our show live on, a very cool free online-streaming Web site. We're going to leave the audio on as well, but I'm unsure how the sound quality will be. It's not like the video feed is going to be great anyway.

Still, it's a cool feature, which I'll probably reference one too many times throughout our show.

If you want to watch it, here is a link:

Some of you guys got a sneak preview of Matt and I playing Tiger Woods 2010 last weekend. Look for more random stuff like that as the year progresses.

Here's hoping the station is fixed by tonight!


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